We started out in life in 1980, with the enthusiasm and curiosity that all the greatest businesses have at the outset.

In our case, the enthusiasm was and continues to be in the world of science: but we can’t help it… It’s a question of chemistry!

As the years have passed and our experience and awareness of the market have grown, we have extended the range to include all haircare and skincare products, with the exception of hair colouring products.

Our notable production capacity and flexibility mean we can satisfy the needs of both big companies and small distributors.

Our efficient team of experts offers across the board service, from formulating products, sourcing the finest raw materials and choosing the most appropriate packaging, to production, packaging itself and shipment worldwide.


Today we work on an ongoing basis with companies in various countries worldwide, proposing new solutions designed to satisfy all needs. Our ultimate goal is to export the best ‘Made in Italy’ products with the best quality/price ratio.








Industrie Pagoda is fully committed to your satisfaction.

Bergamo Pagoda Industries
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