Our powder bleaches guarantee an optimal performance whilst respecting the nature of the hair.


The different formulations can satisfy the customer's habits and requests to perform different lightening techniques: streaks, balayage effect and full head.


  • Lightening strength up to 8 tones
  • Compact and super compact powder bleach prevents the release of flying dust during the mixing
  • Smooth, compact and easy to mix with emulsion
  • Fast working bleach
  • Formulas created with low concentrations of ammonia or without ammonia
  • Moisturising and conditioning properties
  • Consultations for the creation of personalised formulations
  • Option of personalising the formula with extracts and active ingredients according to the customer's requirements
  • All formulations can be scented with fragrances and coloured in different shades

    Pagoda Industries


    The bleaching cream is a revolutionary product that ensures an optimum lightening performance without damaging the hair and scalp thanks to its innovative formula. The bleaching cream is easy to apply and dust-free.


    • Lightening up to 7 tones
    • Softly wrapped in a tube or suitable for box wrapping
    • Easy to apply: mixes and spreads quickly and does not drip
    • Fast working bleach
    • Nourishes and protects hair
    • Reduced risk of scalp irritation
    • Does not smell of ammonia
    • Can be scented with permanent frangances or coloured in different shades on request



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      Pagoda Industries
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